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Project Venkman created the Bill Murray 1000 Membership Club for Bill Murray super-fans from all walks of life who share a common love for the wit, the works, and the wonder of the inimitable Bill Murray.

We host in-person events at incredible venues designed to entertain and engage Bill's most loyal fans by creating a playground where they can relax, unwind, and enjoy a few hours with each other and Bill Murray.

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The Bill Murray 1000 is built on a lifetime of stories about Bill and his endearing adventures, but we always knew that there were many more stories to come! So we left room in our collections to continue expanding, and now we are ready to introduce our first new Bill Murray 1000 story: Murray Madness!

Project Venkman is excited to introduce this new, previously unreleased story from our Original Bill collection of the Bill Murray 1000! This new NFT membership has been held exclusively in the Project Venkman treasury and for the first time will be available for sale.

The story of “Murray Madness'' commemorates Bill as he surprises and delights fans in the stands and watching on TV while he follows his son, UConn Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach Luke Murray, on his journey to winning the 2023 Men’s College Basketball Championship!

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Austin, TX

Oceanside, CA

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Original Bill
Original Bills (OBs) are the premium membership tier.
Artistically, the 118 OBs are the anecdotes, advice, observations, memories, and Murray-isms that are the foundational soul of the Bill Murray 1000.
Functionally, OBs are access passes to exclusive OB in-person events, all BM1000 in-person events, and all benefits of the other BM1000 tiers.
Destinations are the standard membership tier.
Artistically, the 882 Destinations are based on nine locations that share a common story and offer visually distinct themes reflecting destinations that are near and dear to Bill Murray.
Functionally, Destinations are floor seats for limited in-person events, exclusive member channels on Discord, an individually numbered collectible silver coin, member meetups, and giveaways.
Open Edition
Open Editions are the entry-level membership tier.
Artistically, OEs all share a common are designed to resemble a playing card depicting a young Bill Murray.
Functionally, Open Edition memberships are a new, low-cost entry point for Bill Murray fans to win in-person event tickets, access games, and join our Discord channels.

Check out our Clubhouse for pics of Wild Bill in Austin!

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